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During the market research phase for developing Hawkker we surveyed 75 street food eaters to understand how technology could be applied to improve the independent food customer-purchase journey. This is what we learned...

Respondents were asked:

"What's stopping you (if anything) from eating street food more often?"

Around 60% of respondents cited that their frequency of purchasing street food was limited by simply not knowing it existed nearby, or that there was not enough information readily available for them to feel confident in their purchase.

We then asked respondents to, "Tell us how useful you think the following features would be..." (1= useless, 10 = extremely useful)

1) "See which vendors are trading right now in your area"

2) "See what others thought of the food before you buy"

3) " Browse menus of vendors, see pictures of their food, check out ingredients, allergens and dietary details."

The bottom line is that in a mobile-first world customers now expect accurate, local, real-time and detailed information to be available at the tap of a button. Time-limited customers often default to high-street options because they lack basic information about better alternatives.

You've spent so long developing a delicious menu and an awesome brand - ย make sure you spread the word and never miss the opportunity to find the next evangelist for your food.

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